Fifa 17 Hints?

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Can we go on the Madden 17 & NHL 17 preview trailers to see any hints on what to expect in Fifa 17 this year?

Both of those games, who share the Ignite Engine, seem to point in the major leap forward in graphics / aesthetics / editing..

NHL 17:

Madden 17:


  • helloitsme
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    hi there my hint is not to get too worried because it will be out in 4 months
  • Götze#19
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    Hint... no legend for PS4
  • Futbol22
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    Seems like you can edit your stadium in NHL (i.e. Seat colour, banners/flags etc.). Maybe different aspects of the club (logo, jersey etc.). It may only be for create your club or all clubs. If they do include that: I hope they allow you to edit existing clubs rather than creating a new club. Not sure what kinds of hints there are from player editing if any.. Maybe we'll finally get wrist tape that you can add! It's EA who the F knows.
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