how many coins do you lose per DNF?

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just wondering this as i got disconnected twice earlier and my coins per game isn't going over 500 anymore


  • Florianr104
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    All of them
  • Rmn7
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    there is constant/ratio that goes down when you have a DNF, you can see in the end of the match.
    For example:
    1 DNF and goes to 0,47; to DNF 2 and goes to 0,39.

    If we keep playing and didnt "got" DNF, DNF ratio/constant goes up again.
  • PhilP
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    for online league play: dnf multipler is max 0.63 it goes down to 0.5 on the first onel.. not sure about the second but its really low... goes up 0.01 every game completed.
  • aladdin
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    thank you both for the info! much appreciated
  • NindozG
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    doesnt matter if you dnf 100 games. You get 200-400 coins per match witch is useless :D
  • Jords101boom
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    Lol...... I quit nearly EVERY game
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