Does anyone understand the refereeing logic (or lack thereof) in this game?

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I just played two BPRL tourney matches. I won the first and then lost in the semis on penalties.

In match one I had 14 tackles and 0 fouls and my opponent had 23 tackles an no fouls. I match two I had 21 tackles and no fouls and my opponent had 19 tackles an no fouls.

Two matches: 77 total tackles and 0 fouls.

As someone who is not a skill player and who has to react and pass to build up offense, the ability to tackle at will and from any direction, whether standing or sliding, with a very minimal risk of fouling makes it very difficult for me to generate positive attacks, particularly when the game is ping-ponging back and forth at a frenetic rate.

Can similar players - not really skilled dribblers who need to pass in attack - offer some advice on how you able to consistently be successful in getting good shots/goals when defenders basically have the freedom to do whatever they want most of the time while the ref does nothing? I'm really struggling with this and it is making the game less fun for me. And for the record, my own lack of fouls is also ridiculous because I've also hammered some of my opponents and had nothing called.
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