Who's the real fools here

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The guys moaning about opening packs and getting nothing good
The annoying f*cks defending EA like they're being paid
Us chumps reading they're petty arguments :D

My two cents: I've been there and opened packs and probably spent £100-150 on the game this year knowing what I'd get, might have puled one card at about 100k, i genuinely can't remember, I've at least had Courtois.
Previous years I;ve gotten to 500k-1.2m and always spent the coins every few months on binges, getting some good stuff back and others not so, ie last year a SIF or whatever De Bruyne, SIF Ozil, Neuer. Neymar in 14, Ibra a year before, TOTS Benteke before that. It brings a certain rush to see what I can pull. It is gambling my coins, but anything I spent with real money is only gambling in my own estimations, I might see £20 of packs being worth 100k, if i get 200k the gamble paid off, if i got all discards and got 40k then my brain would see that as a poor return, but nothing you can do.

We have to learn self control if we want things to be better.

I have about 700k this year and managed to afford Messi a few weeks ago but sold for profit before I used him. I can afford most players and I'm playing the market steadily to keep it that way.

If you bought BPL players last Wednesday then you'd have profited like me, if yu bought them Friday night to make a team for the tourny you;d have already lost because demand is going back down. I played it smart and bought 2 TOTS to use friday night, sold them for the same amount because demand held, then sold the NIF's once I'd won the cup and I cba with the game half the time. Now i've invested my coins again and will sell them this coming Friday or maybe Saturday, as well as buying other players I want long term like SIF Luis and SMOTM Gameiro.

If you want to open packs then set yourself a trading target and then once you reach it then blow that portion on packs.
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