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You can find some guides and FAQ's in the Announcement category here: http://fifaforums.easports.com/en/categories/announcements

Please leave all feedback in the Forum Feedback category here: http://fifaforums.easports.com/en/categories/forum-feedback

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New ways to read the forums
Previously the only way to read the forums was to browse to the appropriate category and check out the latest posts. You can still do that if you wish, but with the new forums comes a new way to browse.

The ‘Discussions’ page will show you all the latest posts from every category you’re following. By default you follow all categories but you can unfollow via the ‘Categories’ page. Categories will also be accessible at any time via the sidebar menu.

Once you’ve posted, the forum will keep track of any discussion you’ve participated in alongside any discussion you started. You’ll be able to use links in the sidebar to head directly to these pages.

As a result of the new browsing method we’ve shuffled a few categories around and created some new ones. Notably there’s now categories for Guides, Match Threads and Squad building. Off Topic is also now part of Community rather than the FUT section.

Mobile Theme
Finally the forum has support for mobile devices, meaning the end of awkward zooming to navigate and read discussions. Should you wish, you can turn the mobile theme off when logged in for those on more unusual devices.

Usernames and Logging In
The new forums has it’s own namespace, meaning you’re not competing with years old names of people who don’t even use the forum.

You will now be required to log in with the account that you use for FIFA. If you do not have FIFA tied to your account you will not be able to log in. Other users will not be able to see the account tied to your forum username and forum bans are separate from game bans.

Posts will automatically embed YouTube, Twitter, Vine and Instagram simply by typing the URL. No longer do you have to put up with a broken filter, typing ST is now possible! Working on a long post? You can now save drafts and make use of a wider range of formatting.

Email and in-page popup notifications are available for when people comment on your discussion or one you’ve participated in, on a bookmark, when you’re mentioned or when you’re sent a private message

The PM system now supports group messages up to 5 people
The search system actually works
The forum will have ongoing support to introduce new features and fix bugs
The forum will not forget which posts you have already seen

We don’t have everything quite the way we’d like it yet, but the community TOTS needs to get started so we have got the forum to a place where we’re happy to launch it. We look forward to your feedback on the forum, be it bugs, design or entirely new features.

Thank you!
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