Single Player AI Fouls, Tackles and Aggression! So unplayable

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OK EA, please tone down this utter crap. I'm playing Ultimate Team single player is so unstable to play against. Due to you not wanting us to win, you make the AI tackle everything, intercept everything, react everything so quick and aggression is out of control. It's like they have 99 Strength, 99 Interceptions, 99 Aggression, 99 Reaction, 99 Slide and Stand Tackles, 99 Finishing. Seriously, every single game I play I get a player injured cause of their stupid slide tackles that the referee will never call for a foul for no effing reason. I just got Eriksen injured for 4 Games, I've never had that long of an injury playing online, but only on single player. The immediately the next game which I swapped Eriksen for Sneijder, he also gets injured, lets torn apart in a crunching tackle, but no foul. Seriously what is this crap. The game seriously doesn't want to win, cannot tell the difference between Semi Pro, Professional and World Class when AZ is making 10 saves out of 10 shots on target, they get 10 RB+A passes in your box, and boom, some powerful long shot and they score from their first every shot on target. EA basically never want you to play single player by ruining the state of it. I play on PC, decided to get the Xbox 1 TB Spring Edition, kinda same issue here on PC but it's crazy on the Xbox One. Played a single player game, won 2-1 against Semi Pro where I hit the post 5 times. I just got the game for Xbox One before I buy Xbox Live to play online, but now I'm playing single player to get some coins before heading to Online Divisions, but come on the AI is a freaking chore to play with. I thought FIFA was suppose to be fun, not supposed to be frustrated slave, punished for buying and playing your game. It's ridiculous, they run through you, you flip over 2x and no foul. When you get a chance to score, your player blocks it, when you want to pass up from CAM to RW, the game decides to pass to your ST who is 10 yards offside. The defence back tracking is insane, they lose the ball in defence, they already have 10 man back in defence when you just counter attack. It's so hard to make coins with this crap, unless you start trading (which I did on PC with informs) but you trade and EA can ban you or reset your coins for alleged coin buying (seen lots of those articles here on the forums and social media in the past week).

EA are not going to listen to it, like they usually do but I hope people can agree on some points posted here. I just got fed up when both of my CAMs (Loan Sneijder and Eriksen) both got injured in back-to-back games in Semi Pro and Professional difficulty as the game doesn't want you to win. Never seen an "Out for 4 games" in a while, already happened twice. My first game with Shane Long, he got injured for "Out for 4 games". Semi Pro and Professional should never be this unplayable, you can smash them 5-0 and drop controller
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