SIF Shaquiri

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What's he like? Looks like an absolute beast


  • Boss0
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    edited May 2016
    Never had him. But an absolute speed tank/all rounder when played against him.
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  • JGCramp
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    I have him in a 433(2) and he's a lot of fun to use. I haven't yet found a real weakness (other than me as the player controlling him). I paid 127K a while back before the crash and he was worth the coins, so he's definitely a decent value now that his price is considerably lower.
  • i-ZiO
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    One of the few players with 80 Strength and high balance (98) :smile:
    Best Position for me as RF.
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    I got him, think he's amazing.
  • MonKeano
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    Sounds great, think i'll pick him up
  • bberger
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