Always overlap on fullbacks in higher divisions

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Do any of you use 'always overlap' on the fullbacks in division 1? If so, why do you guys prefer it over defaul? And does using always overlap really make you more susceptible for counter attacks?


  • ChrisLFC
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    I have my instructions set to balanced and my fullbacks gets caught up the field all the time. You definitely would be exposed on the counter if you lost possession. I think it depends on how important a fullbacks involvement in your build up play is.
  • Remzy69
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    Overlap is suicide imo. I used that for a long time, but since I went to balanced I have been winning much more games in div 1.
  • pumavii
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    use balance runs and if you want your outside back to make a run tap the R1 button when your faceing him and he will make the run .
  • RadioShaq
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    If you read liam and sokkers passing and 4231 guides in the stickies they have them set to always overlap.
  • CaptEcuador16
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    I have it on always overlap since I use 4231 and they allow my wide cams to cut in. I do get countered but I've learned how to defend counters successfully so it's no problem. And you will probably give up typical ❤️❤️❤️❤️ goals anyways so might as go attacking and try to put as many past your opponent as possible. I'm in D1 with those tactics
  • TheSuperDerek
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    Always overlap. Fullbacks can be one of the most important part of your team when used correctly.
  • Liam W
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    No point IMO, crossing doesn't work at all this year.
  • LittleAnt
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    Personally I think it's dependent upon the formation you use and also the personnel you are asking to make the runs
  • Lilwhit
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    Always overlap. Fullbacks can be one of the most important part of your team when used correctly.

    This. Since I stopped telling them say back my gamellay has improved a bit. They give u that option to retainpossession. Best way to defend against counters are losing the ball in the right areas of the pitch meaning know when to play it safe or risky.
  • jordansky1111
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    Yes. Always overlap is great. Particularly effective with players like Ivanovic imo as tbey wouldnt join the attack till late anyway.
  • xXTato99Xx
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    I do on my formation (4231(1)) it's very useful as it gives me some width (really dont know how to spell that word xD)
  • Denz
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    It depends on your formation. I think in a narrow formation your fullbacks getting forward to offer a pass out wide can help the transition through the midfield. You can of course tap the player run button but I often find with the full backs when I have pressed it the opportunity for the pass to them has gone.

    As per liam and sokkers 4231 guide I usually have them on overlap in that formation, as I do with the diamond but prefer balanced for others.

    When working well it's a fantastic way to to not only keep possession but also overload that section of the pitch. Of course you are open to the counter.

    Try it and see whether you find you score or create more as opposed to the amount you concede from them being out of position.
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