89 - 90 IF Bale Prices

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After using bale on regular seasons, I really want to use him. But I don't feel like spending 430k for the 89 version, or 770k for the 90 version. With TOTS most consistent starting in a hour, prices for such informs should start going down. I think that as more 90 bales get introduced to the market that it will have an effect on the price of the 89 bale who on Wednesday was going for 350k. I am hoping that the 90 rated bale can go back down to around 500k and that the 89 will go back down to 350k so I can purchase them. Do you guys believe the same thing or do you think that bales price is going to be different than I think it will be.


  • Daddy
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    somethings wrong with this totw prices, either they lowered the card weights or not many opened packs, there is no way hazards first if should be 700k, we should have a clear picture tomorrow after mc tots packs are opened to see whether it is a pack weight issue or not.
  • murazor
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    if hazard is 400k already :)
  • murazor
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    and yes few packs have been opened until now
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