Nothing going for me

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I just can't win tonight, was 2-0 up at half time and absolutely cruising and then as soon as he got 1 back I just couldn't string 2 passes together and lost 4-2. Haven't won in 5 games now


  • pob125
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    Had that last few nights....felt like ive played well to make it worse.gameplays **** n feels so forced to make even a 5yard pass.
  • RandomLhama83
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    passing mechanics just suck. Feels like something is wrong with the passing. but even then, the style to win online seems to be drive passes an sweat, build up attack seems to have taken a big nerf.
  • Jordje58
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    its amazing how simple passes cannot be completed. absolute rubbish gameplay
  • MonKeano
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    Just as I post this I win 3-0 :P TIF Mahrez with a hat trick haha
  • ECUPirates
    1124 posts Professional
    Online gameplay is absolutely terrible. I don't even like playing Friendlies with unsweaty people anymore because it's just impossible to "play beautiful". Looking like it's going to be offline only for me the rest of the way. I'm so happy I didn't spend hundreds of dollars on Fifa points this year like I did the last couple years.
  • pob125
    3797 posts National Call-Up
    I tryy best to pass /move/pass...nice goal.....cant be
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