When will the market hit rock bottom?



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    I'm thinking of getting a lot of NIF Zlatan's. I did the same with Lewandowksi during toty, made me 300k profit, but if I bought earlier it could have been much more, so that's why I really want to try and hit the sweet spot now during tots.

    By the time the prices go back up, everything else will rise as well....don't compare tots with toty...toty was there just for a week and you had a lot of months left to play the game.....with tots...it's a long journey and when it ends...you probably have just a month or two left for playing the game before 17 hits the market.

    It's much better to trade on tots rather than nif cards during tots.

    You are right. I doubt if prices will rise again in the next 2 months. So you suggest trading tots cards?

    what lol not the safe at all
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