Tots Rogellio Funes Mori and other community tots's

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edited April 2016
If you add his concept version to your squads and add 5 stats to each attribute. The Everton center backs twin brother may be a really good card for the community tots that will be released on friday. He probably would be worth picking up as he had had an upgrade from silver to gold, any other rumoured tots's that you think would be good let me know, I personally think busquetts would be great too.


  • PrestiL
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    Already thinking his MC card will be decent.
    There's a few nice looking Argie cards to be released in the TOTS MC.

    Due to how cheap they will be, i will be building this:

    Obviously you can replace the 4 non rares for the TOTS, mostly looking forward to Sosa and Buffy at right back
  • James123_afc
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    @PrestiL That looks decent mate, I'm only gonna start collecting on there as I don't enjoy the ultimate team gameplay anymore, so it'll be collecting the cards which don't come on market after release bronze/silvers etc but good luck on your squad
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