Anyone still play like in summer

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Played one game in nearly two weeks! Been going back to wow these days. And i think the reason i'm losing interest in fifa is that no matter what they say every version of fifa has something that people can abuse with. Pace, high pressure, zigzag. There is a reason for wow to exist more than 10 years despite it's sub count drop it's still going strong. There isn't really much bug to abuse in wow's PVP or PVE.

While in fifa if people start abusing this game then the match is just a rolling dice. Lucky bounces, goal keeper OP saves. Skills don't matter that much unless you are significantly better than the other.

And EA need to fix this. But guess it's hard to deal with AI and the physics tho. But at least they can add more stuff to do. Won DIV 1 multiple times, have a squad i like, then what's the motivation to continue playing?


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