TOTY Ramos or TOTY T. Silva?

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For those who have tried both players, who is the better defender? Thiago Silva's work rate seems more attractive. I would like to pair one of them with Desailly.


  • the_big_blowfish
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    Silva is half the price and really good no way is Ramos worth the extra coins
  • Honour and a pen15
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    cant go wrong either way tbh
  • SimmoEFC
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    Silva looks better value.
  • Keepthechange
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    NIF Ramos is much better than NIF Silva IMO, so I assume his TOTY might be better as well.
  • Masakari
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    Had both for 100+ games.

    TOTY Ramos > TOTY Silva

    But he's double the price, of course. You can't go wrong with Silva anyway, it's just that Ramos' extra pace does come in handy.
  • IamFrench
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    TOTY Ramos is possibly the best CB on the game.
  • Amargaladaster26
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    Ramos is meh.
  • This is my personal opinion, only.

    I've tried TOTY Silva only among the two, alongside with IF Miranda. TOTY Silva just always jets dragged out by his H/H workrate for me, which is really really annoying for me, going up but just not coming back unless you switch to him. However his great pace and great strength do compensate the curses, whenever he comes back from upfield, he can always retrieve the ball. Though he is 6-foot tall, same as Ramos as I remembered, he feels shorter than ramos to me, weird.

    And I've only tried NIF Ramos, I can tell, he is equally good or even better. For his H/M workrate, he seems to play as a CAM for me, doing tonnes of assists for me, great for passing play indeed and link-up play. And he is very eager to defend, too, once the possession is lost, he will sprint to your own box directly, this is different from SIlva.
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