The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.
Note: The SBCs issue has been resolved, details posted on this thread in a tweet from FIFA Direct Communication.

Fifa 16 Shortly Reviewed

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- Intelligence of players defensively and offensively is beyond horrible

- Zig zag dribbling is dominating despite not being a thing at all in real life

- Running horizontally along the 16m Box is OP cuz defenders have no clue about positioning (see point number one) and don't possess mobility to deal With it either (see point about footplanting)

- No footplanting in this game, which makes the Acceleration wrong and make players handle
like cars

- Stats don't really matter like they should. Everyone can ping pong pass, so why get Xavi?
Silver players shoot like Ibra, so why get him? Sweet spot goals always grant goals, so why get good shooters? Answer: Fix 'assisted' setting?

- Most goals are scored by driven pass from the side into the middle for tap-in

- The game is too technically advanced for its own good, resulting in players believing it's scripting when you tackle the ball time and time again and don't get the ball.

- And about that, standing tackle is poor enough as it is, so why was it nerfed in a patch not long time ago?

- Remember the possession tackle feature? Isn't it about time we got it?

- When defending, your team is just too lazy to care about anything and have no urgency to fight and bleed for your team

- Midfielders just watch as opponent is pressuring your defence instead of running back to crush the 12 year old player pretending to be Messi.

- Through balls and normal passes are either too darn hard or too darn weak, there is no variation between

- Players don't meet the ball/run towards the ball when needed, and don't run the other way when needed...

- Players think the only way to attack efficiently is to run up the pitch, and never any other direction

- When pressured in defence and in possession of the ball, your teammates don't constantly look for the right place/space to run into to support you

- Keepers are useless at far side shots from 18m and near post shots

- Control scheme is horrible. You spam the tackle button to press, then shoot the ball when you get it cuz of it. Or you try to first time skill move and end up sprinting and pushing the ball 20 m over the sideline

- Crossing is as accurate as a lazer guided homing missile, especially the triple tap one

- This game disguises the player AI's lack of ability to make smart passes into the right space and at the right side of the receiver by just making the accuracy 100%.
Decrease accuracy and make passes smarter.

Feel free to add to the list.

Greetings div 1 player.

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