3rd CAM in a 4231

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I'm after a bit of advice if possible. Having struggled recently with the 433(4) I've decided to switch over to a 4231 in the hope of shoring up my defence.
Team is all sorted I think, except for the right CAM slot. Can anybody who's used that formation offer any suggestions please? The other 2 CAM slots have Gullit and Litmanen in place, with Emilio Butragueno up front. The 2 names that sprung to mind were IF Robben, or the latest Griezman, but not having used the formation much, I don't want to splash out on somebody unsuitable. Don't really have a budget, other than to say Pele is out of reach!

Any advice gratefully received.


  • dopetothemax
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    Your two choices are both good options. You're on the right track looking for a left footer with good pace. Other than those two, maybe one of the versions of Dybala could also be a good look
  • Ofthewelsh
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    I'd not considered Dybala to be honest. Cheers for that.
    I'd been pondering which legend to slot in before remembering about Robben and the other fella, who's name I can never spell..
  • MikeyP_FC
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    Stoi, new KDB, Hagi, Dybala (that's who I've got personally in my 4231-1), but I think Griez could be great. Lots of options!
  • Peter
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    Hagi is the man, can play on either side
  • Diggy
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    Hagi or Best if you don't mind 4 chem
  • Ofthewelsh
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    Cheers y'all. I'm going on a spending spree. I've used both Stoichkov and Hagi before, but it's a different beast CAM in a 433(4) compared to the 4231. I appreciate the input.
  • Sercs
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    the central CAM is the biggest part of the team, will have loads of input. I'd put Gullit as the central CAM and then somebody quick as a wide CAM
  • S P 4 C E Y
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    I have TOTY Iniesta, Litmanen and various others at RCAM.

    I find the most effective players to have high pace - especially considering I have relatively slow players at LCAM and CCAM.

    A striker who is able to hold up the ball and make runs is also helpful.
  • Frankenberry
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  • Ofthewelsh
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    The resemblance between your avatar and Landon Donavon is uncanny when viewed through my bleary eyes..
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