What to do?

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Suarez is at 230k BIN now...I bought him for 300k exact about 2-3 weeks ago. Should I cut my losses and sell now? He didn't seem to play well for me, so I've no use anymore. Just trying to maximise my returns.


  • Tekkerz
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    If u sell now the player u Want has dropped so its u actually haven't lost any coins if u buy now.
  • Rossi026
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    Dude i bought him in november i think for 430k and neymar 88 for 327k oh Yeah and my griezmann which i bought for 460k is now 270 and i made loss on griezman 86 and 85 i got all his informs
  • TheParty
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    true, probably gonna sell up. Any fun players you guys recommend to build a squad around?
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