These own goals made me question everything about FIFA 16s A.I

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OWN GOAL 1 : Literally makes zero sense. No player EVER would do this and it just shows that the A.I in FIFA 16 is badly scripted. The team doesn't do anything with real time reactions effected by whats happening around them. For the A.I to send the ball back like this is just ridiculous.

OWN GOAL 2 : My Jaw was on the floor. The keeper shows literally ZERO awareness to surroundings as he tries to turn into his own net. Also upon zooming in , the ball goes through , yes THROUGH the goalpost.....because....FIFA.

Ive been looking into FIFA scripting recently and it kills me that i have to stick with this game as i only enjoy going online and Konami are really bad at online gaming.

I love football and for this game to be the leading football video game is just a slap in the face.

Every match in FIFA 16 is practically fixed. No matter how good you play , its the game that decides who wins.

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