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TOTS show off thread/Full chem sanctuary

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Basically I keep making ideas for TOTS teams but have no place to keep them so this thread should serve as a good place to keep them. You lads are more than welcome to posts your ideas too, hopefully have a nice collection of teams by TOTS time.

than don't play, don't trade, don't pricefix, don't play all dissociative identity disorder
decrease the time you play fifa and socialize in real life and study so you can live your actual life
unless you are going to play this game until you go into your grave
i understand your urge and teenage rebel attitude and all that but online forum is not a good place to brag/show your attitude (which you can't do a bit in real life) and not to mention over a game.
overall ur just 2 faced double standard low life all talk liar calling others pathetic
just decrease the time you play games, go see some psychiatrist and socialize with your friends
don't even try to respond or resist or try to run petty mouth. this subject is not something that needs the dispute from teenager or different perspective. your just twisted and you know it or you knowingly enjoy it. if you are the later case, i really hope you are always in a position in power throughout your life (which i doubt) otherwise no fellow (no matter how mediocre or pathetic you think they are. oh, and judging from your 17 hours of game playing / trading: you are nowhere near special nor an expert/pro of this game) friends will remain: end up as a much more of a loner (which i think you already are)

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