TOTY Neymar

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Sold my messi and ronaldo earlier as they seemed to be dying off in performance compared to how they played about 200 games ago for some reason (Probably psychological)! But was wondering how good TOTY Neymar actually is and is he worth spending the coins I got back from CR7 and Messi on? I loved his 88 rated card and haven't used any other versions so looking for people who have used him for any feedback?

I know tots is right around the corner and his price will go down a little.. but being already at 1.2 I'm guessing he can maybe only go down 200k ish at the most? Not really fussed about that

Also any team ideas for him with around 200k left over preferably as a striker

Thanks in advance


  • holdenwait
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    omg he's only 1.2 mil on xbox.. that's upsetting me :D
  • Mattysb1
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    Yeah I know it's crazy! I paid 1m for ronaldo and sold him for 650 900k for messi and sold him just under 600! That's almost just as upsetting haha
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