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With each year passing I find my results are getting worse with my style of Passing, dribbling slow build up with a solid back line.
It seems the games leaning towards faster counter based 50-50 possession / 70% passing build up with an end to end feel.
no matter how bad the guy is I find I can totally dominate him but it's so hard to create clear chances without me getting some lucky deflection or run.

This is my latest game, the result isn't important.
Ay you can see his possession is woeful, whenever he had it he'd simple pass long and run. His defensive game was solid but maybe that was down to the ai. I feel ea take things away with each year that can benefit possession players, like for example wtf happened to the steps overs, they're so easy to read now.

Even though I win, I feel a no satisfaction any more. The game isn't even enjoyable. It's like my opponents play as if they think the game is meant to be played to gain results rather than how they would play a game of football for real.[/i]


  • Zambo9
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    You can still play passing game this FIFA, but to keep the ball you need to run faster than your opponent since they can press you with 2 men without any effort, and yeah last years slow dribbling was a bit better, or it's this year that zig zag dribbling is too effective
  • Denisianes
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    Passing is still viable as long as you pass forward more than backward. I haven't seen such terrible possession % and i hope it is due to a very bad opponent, otherwise you must play the most brutal, annoying, anti-football tiki taka ever seen.
  • DizzeeSpellz
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    yeah he was bad, most are but it doesn't stop one of their 200 long balls getting through. :/
    I could do with Fifa 11s fun back tbh

    Just had a great game though for the first time in like weeks. both above 80 percent passing and he tried to actually play football. I was smiling even at 2-0 down. Then scored 3 in 5 minutes lol
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