1989 Milan

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completely bored by the game, so I am thinking selling everything and building a 1989 Milan replica squad (inspired by a guy who was trying to build a 1984 Barca a couple of days ago)


1989 Milan played a 442 with Gullit and Van Basten upfront, with Gullit sitting slightly behind MVB.

In FUT terms, a 4411 would probably be the closer, but that would mean playing Rijkaard CM, i.e. very low chem on him, so I am am still undecided (442(2) would let me have 7 chem on Rijkaard)


The 5 "real" players I can use are Gullit, MVB, Rijkaard, Baresi and Maldini.


The missing spots are:

GK (Giovanni Galli)

CB (Billy Costacurta)

RB (Mauro Tassotti)

LM (Alberigo Evani/Angelo Colombo)

LCM (Carlo Ancelotti)

RM (Roberto Donadoni)

This is my first attempt:


GK: Marchetti is there because he is Italian and he has a (very vague, admittedly) resemblance with Galli - well they both have long hair ...

CB: Nesta would be the best call I guess, but I am not sure I have enough coinage

RB: Abate because he is Italian like Tassotti ... a bit short on inspiration here

LM: Kono is there mainly for chem reasons, he may be close to Evani (quick, good dribbler, although Evani was left footed)

LCM: Kroos - I am pretty happy with my idea here, I think he does play a bit like Ancelotti

RM: Figo is the closer to Donadoni I could think of, not sure I have enough coins for him sadly

So, anyone willing to help/comment?



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