Messi or Ronaldo

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As their prices have continued to drop I have accumulated enough coins to buy either NIF Messi or NIF Ronaldo, who should I buy?


  • FC Maexle
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  • stevvix
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    Ronaldo for me. He has everything I want whereas Messi just got shoved around a lot. That said, it's horses for courses.
  • ha032742
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    As a ST Ronaldo, CF then Messi...
  • M3$$1
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  • M3$$1
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    Unless all you do is zig zag power dribbling then go with messi.
    Some skill moves ,long shots, headers, and quick counter for Ronaldo
  • Devers
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    depends on position and formation.

    ive used both all fut, all versions.

    as an out and out striker ronaldo. in a pair messi.

    i play false 9. messi there over ronaldo all day
  • hayhor1
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    Ronaldo for me. I have both in one team but Ronaldo seems to come through more when I need him. I think it is his strength and powerful shot that makes him better for me.
  • I was more effective with messi. Had no problems with dribbling around ppl with him. Ronaldo was a beast and his long shots were great, but when i had both in the same team, Messi stood out head and shoulders above him. It really depends on your style dude.
  • I think if you are playing mainly with your whole team or a strike force, Messi is better. However if you like making runs in with a striker or winger, Ronaldo is the way to go. That being said it really depends on your style.
  • fluffymnuffy
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    Messi for sure, Ronaldo has a giant parachute on his back
  • Dasco
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    Ronaldo is more user friendly, however if you're a brilliant dribbler, then Messi is your man!
  • Gabrielga8122
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    I have both on the same team, messi playing RF and st ronaldo, messi this the playing much better, but, ronaldo is awalys ronaldo.
  • Clint Eastwood
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  • BenzP7
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    As a lone stirker, I'd say Ronaldo. In two striker formation or as a winger, I'd get Messi.
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