Could you please get rid of the weakling 10 year old girl shots?

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My IF slimani and Ibra shoots like little girls and just roll it into the keepers arms when
they should be rocketing a shot that would create a hole in the keepers breast and then continue
through, ripping the net and then demolish the stadium behind the net killing everyone standing in
the way of it.

But, nopppeee... you decide it would make more sense to compete with PES's Player ID
by making weak silver card player with like 40 shot stat do the real shooting and the ones
with 99 shot stat just barely caress the ball.

And get rid of the contextual pass error that's like ''Oh, I'm sorry, this time I decide the pass won't even be 5% accurate because you stood at the special spot at the wing just 60m away from goal''.
And yes that is how it works, just look at the patch notes that says something about adjusting of accuracy for passes being played at the wing sides, whilst as in good old PES games there wouldn't be any context stuff, just everything depending on passing stat.

Could I also have a button that makes teammates come towards me too?
Creating attacks is not always about running towards the opponents goal like a chicken, EA...


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