88 cam muller

76 posts Park Captain
Has anyone tried him? Pros and cons about him.


  • Darthsinvadet
    878 posts Professional
    absolutely amazing. This card has much better passing then the others, so he can play cam perfectly. He also has godly positioning and shooting.
  • Bvegas
    1472 posts Play-Off Hero
    Love him

    His shot is crazy

    Very strong I've found on the ball too

    Have him at CAM paired with Reus and SIF Kruse at striker
  • Ziggzagg52
    76 posts Park Captain
    Do well, I think I better get him, partner nicely behind 92 lewandowski.
  • Nobber93
    1596 posts Play-Off Hero
    I couldn't get to grips with him but I don't think I really enjoyed my bundesliga team tho. Felt like I had to force him to get involved
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