Need advice - SIF vs TOTY Iniesta

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I want to get one of them but when I comapre IG stats i dont see a 400k coins difference. What would you suggest fellas ? Thanks in advance :)


  • mhh1981
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    Toty iniesta is the best cam by a mile. If you want a cm dont waste ur coins
  • ha032742
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    He's pretty good at tackling at CM tbh
  • uryflqk
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    I will use him as CM in 4-3-2-1 formation. Im using his NIF atm and i really enjoy using him but since i completed my team im looking for some informs to replace my regular cards. Maybe its wise to use the SIF couse atm i have ~700k coins and use the rest of the budget for trading ..decisions,decisions :D
  • Breaker1987
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    Go for Sif Iniesta :)
  • uryflqk
    1232 posts Professional
    Thanks for the replies guys! Ima go for SIF Iniesta for now and use the other coins for some trading till TOTS :)
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