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EA, your first game was called FIFA "International" Soccer? Thank God you've got rid of the Soccer part of the title but why is the International side of Fifa 16 so non-Fifa-like?


In Fifa 16 there is only 48 International teams (with half of those, 23, being unlicensed, generic badges and / or kits!).

Your game is called FIFA!!??


I took the Portugal job, to notice their kit was generic? Every team should have their real kits and badge.

Sorry but this isn't good enough for a FIFA licensed product.

Pre- Match Intros

Why isn't there realistic licensed pre-match intros before games like the Fifa 2010 World Cup game had? (A game you made 6 years ago!!)


National Anthems

I took the Portugal job in CM and there weren't even any National Anthems before games!?



It would be nice if there were a few more licensed stadiums to make the International side of Career Mode a bit more realistic and enjoyable. If you can't create them in time for Fifa 17 why don't you release DLC?? People (Outside of Ultimate Team) will pay for these types of things.

Stadion Naradowy (Poland)
Stade de France (France)
Maracanã (Brazil)
Estádio da Luz (Portugal)
Estadio Monumental (Argentina)
Luzhniki Stadium (Russia)
Atatürk Olympic Stadium (Turkey)
Hampden Park (Scotland)
Aviva Stadium (Rep. Ireland)
Friends Arena (Sweden)
FNB Stadium (South Africa) * It was in Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa!


International games have 12 players on the bench, but can only use 3 for competitive games and 6 for friendlies. Basic Fifa rules.
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