Race Tournament

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Hi guys,

Last night I had a pretty nice idea for a new tournament. You know that it is hard to make up really new tournaments because we/you already had all imaginable concepts but what I am presenting now of is - I have to admit - not very originell witty but quite unique I think.

The basic idea is that every team consists of players of one of the following races:
European (also includes European emigrants like most of American, Australian or Canadian people)

You can only choose one race, no mix allowed. But please consider that race has nothing to do with nationality. Means you can have Antonio Rüdiger in your black team but not in an european team although he is "german" on the papers.
Would be pretty funny I think.

I have not enough experience to lead such a tournament but if users like disaaaa find this concept interesting, please feel free to use it for a tournament. I'd like to participate then :)


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