Thoughts on this silver(ish) squad?

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I've got a bit bored with golds at the moment so considering trying silvers in division one. I don't trust the keepers due to previous FIFAs though. Heard good things about some of these - only tried Williams before.

Any thoughts on the team? Has to stay in this formation, and I know Kolodziejczak is on 6 chem.

Cheers guys! :D


  • PeteyHR
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    ah, maybe i should upload the link to the team :'(
  • PeteyHR
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  • Reece Tha BEAST
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    Every time someone transitions from Gold to Silver they always mention how they are scared of silver GKs.

    It's actually hilarious from my viewpoint, as I've used a ton of Silver GKs that play as good or better than the likes of Neuer, De Gea, Courtouis etc.
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