why does contain defending even exist

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why the hell is there a button that makes defending easy

defending is as much as a skill as attacking is

where is the button that makes attacking easy

EA forever making the game easier for sweaty 12 year olds year by year

rant over, bye


  • Alex
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    Contain was introduced to replace the previous defending "Legacy Defending" where you could just hold a button, and your player would run right towards the ball and try to tackle it, the contain button gets you close but you still have to manually tackle the ball and get the timing right.
  • RadioShaq
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    Probably because nobody plays manual offense.
  • gia
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    The button that makes attacking easy is R2.
    (sweaty zig-zag)
  • creative
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    you don't have to tackle using contain you just wait for your opponent to walk into you.
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