Idea for new FUT

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Well i like making teams in FUT, i have around 10 now.
But the problem is that i mostly play offline divisions or tournaments and when i create a new team this team needs to perform in divisoin1 straight away which is really hard.

It would be a nice addition to start in division 10 with your new team and work the way up again, this also keeps it interesting to play, because after 30 times division 1,2 and 3 offline it is kinda boring.
And division 1 is really hard and not fun to play if you have a new team which don't have the players to play in division 1.


  • RayG
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    Why don't you play cups? That's what I do when I'm bored of all the ultra-d/counter attack teams in div1...
  • Wortel1981
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    There are not that many standard cups this year.
    I play the weekly cups most of the time, but not more then one time.
  • CPW25
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    You can play one game in your current season then just relegate yourself on offline seasons.
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