Lag: Xbox vs. PS4

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Is it true that matches on Xbox One are much more affected by lags than PS4?
I am currently playing on PC, completely lag-free. Thinking about buying a Xbox One (annoyed by cheaters on PC) but could not live with lags, they destroy the whole fun part. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  • Viggo 007
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    I did the opposite, but no xbox one experience was fun, just make sure to wait 6-7 seconds to check if the latency is stable during the kit selection screen
  • RadioShaq
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    I played last year on ps4 and xbox one and this year only on the one I thought the lag was about the same. I don't experience that much lag though and I am home most of the time. The ps4 has more than double the population compared to the one though so it would make sense that you have chances of getting a better connection.
  • CristianoRonaldo
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    last year ps4 connection is terrrible for me and xbox one is better but this year i dont know
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