[PS4][EU] Forum Semi-Pro Cup - Monday 14th March 6pm GMT

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Welcome to the Forum FUT Semi-pro cup. Semi-pro cups are open to anyone wanting to test their skills and will allow players the chance to qualify for our Pro Cups. The prize is provided by EA SPORTS and will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after the tournament ending.

What are Semi-Pro cups?
Semi-pro cups are a competitive cup that offers qualification to our Pro Cups.

Platform : PS4
Criteria : SEMI-PRO
Location: EU
Prize : 25,000 Coins + qualification to Pro Cups
Time: 6PM GMT Monday 14th March

Participation Rules
-You are not allowed to enter any Semi-pro cups if you are eligible to enter the Pro Cups

- Best of 2 games scores combined, followed by Silver and Golden Goal in the event of a draw.
- Silver Goal: The leading team at half-time wins
- Golden Goal: The first to score wins

Team Requirements
- No attribute items
- All players are allowed

Connection Problems
- If you are unable to connect to your opponent you must contact an admin as soon as possible. Failure to do so could mean disqualification for both players.
- If you or your opponent lags out during the match; the match must be re-started, however, the score and time at the point when the player disconnected shall still stand. In the new game, the score will carry over, and the remainder of the match should be played out.
- For example, if player one is 2-0 up against player two, but then lags out in the 53rd minute. The match will then be re-started and played up until the 37th minute with player two winning 2-0.

Round 1: 6PM GMT
Round 2: 6:45PM GMT
Semi-Final: 7:30PM GMT
Final: 8:15PM GMT

IMPORTANT: If you are a confirmed player, please check in at 5:45pm by simply posting "here". Failure to do so may result in your place in the cup being lost

How to know if you're Semi-pro or Pro:
-You are considered a Semi-pro if: You haven't played in a pro cup and you haven't won a semi-pro cup
-You are considered a Pro if: You have previously entered a Pro Cup OR have won a Semi-pro cup

Any issues, contact your tournament host. If it's regarding rule breaking please provide evidence to the best of your ability. Please follow the timings!

Sign up's
-First come first serve
-First 16 players will have priority to check in at the stated time
-Failure to check in will mean your place is no longer guaranteed,
-First players to check in by posting "here" will take any vacant spots left by players who failed to check in
-A minimum of 8 players are needed to run a cup

Please quote this & fill it in to enter this tournament:

Confirmation you have read the Rules and agree:

Confirmed Players:

1. @sayyam PSN: sayyam31
2. @Grantham19 PSN: Grantham19
3. @Nindoz7 PSN: Nindoz101
4. @timothyy18 PSN: timothyy18
6. @Aarong222 PSN: Aarong222
7. @bucs0576 PSN: Bucs0576
8. @Patrickus10 PSN: SupersonicLP
9. @ben_m382 PSN: ben_m382


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