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I know i'm way slower than some people. Seemed to be stuck on 22 points over and over
Started with a draw and a loss so I was bricking it. Came from behind in the last game too.

My teams:



Recently changed to this formation and have found much more control and possession and a little less shenanigans


  • Cadey 5
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    Congrats :) some people may have done it quicker but with much more expensive sides!
  • EDDlE
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    I did it playing less than 200 hours lol ... I hate this game with a passion so I can be bothered to play anymore after winning it once
  • Richard
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    Congrats! I still haven't won it, first FIFA I have not. Even with TOTY Ronaldo on my team. :)
  • PeteyHR
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    Thanks guys.

    @Richard I'd highly recommend this formation for you but probably not the best for TOTY Ronaldo... Not that I'll be affording him ;)
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