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Embarrassing Lack Of Detail

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edited March 2016
Take this short video of the animation for the Vanishing Spray:

Firstly, notice how the referee walks through Herrera's arm. Then the spray manages to miraculously spray itself out of the bottle. Then as the referee is walking away spraying the pitch his head also manages to ghost through Ibrahimović's arm. Next up we see the missing Old Trafford Manchester logo from the South Stand of Old Trafford. Then we also notice where the Stretford End logo is wrongly placed far to the left of the West Stand when it should be bang on centrally of the stand above the goal. Then we see the referee proceed to clip the vanishing spray bottle into his imaginary clip of the back of his shorts. Before lastly then using an imaginary whistle / kisses his fingers to blow for the taking of the free kick :joy:

I can't describe the devs of this game, I really cant.. This is PS4 btw!!

Edit: If you really want to nit-pick then it would be nice if now 3 (THREE) years in to NG that the scoreboard actually show the score and time of the game too?
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