Skill Games!!

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For the love of God this game is completely broken! You can tell just by playing Skill Games! I've never wanted to throw my controller through my tv as much as playing these! How are you supposed to learn the game when its completely f*cking random!!??

Nothing works or is realistic :joy: :joy: :joy:


  • CBCB_dRk
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    What s random ? They are not that hard exept 3rd freekick game who s confusing a bit
  • Jll02
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    Can you please specify which skill game(s) you're talking about?
  • SPN1987
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    The kid is from 2007 so dont take him too seriously. Skill games are the only consistent part of FIFA 16 except the before mentioned 3rd free kick game.
  • Jll02
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    I thought @FifaBoy2007 sold his PS4 on Ebay?
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