Anyone use IF Veratti?

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Just going to be switching around right side of my 433(5) team. Currently have Willian RW and Ramires RCM. Looking to either grab UP Di Maria as my RW and IF Veratti as my RCM or alternatively Lucas RW and 85 Di Maria RCM then use the extra funds elsewhere.

Anyone use IF Veratti and if so what were your thoughts?



  • smeggybowler
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    hes great like a yorkshire terrier,seems faster than his stats and strong on the ball.good fun to play with
  • gia
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    He's amazing. Great defensively, superb passing and his dribbling is just incredible! The latter makes him one of the most fun cards for me.
    Downside are obviously height and strength.
  • Mackie17
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    Great in the right team, needs height around him, and someone in front as his shooting is poor. I sold for IF tolisso eventually as for me the negatives outweighed the positives and he was costing me points.
  • Gazza74
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    Has been excellent in my side, playing next to IF Matuidi.
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