Moderators Closing Threads Unnecessarily

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Morning all (in the UK)

Noticed a few threads have been closed again by the mods and closed without any thought at that

The Aguero one comes to mind that has been closed due to one mention of a banned word on this forum. Most of the other posts on that thread were fine

Surely all the action required on that thread was to simply remove the post that mentioned the forbidden word, edit, or just remove that line, and message the culprit if needs be

That is what a Moderators job is isn't it? Or am I missing something. This is the only forum I have ever seen where such actions by the mods

No doubt this thread will be closed


  • Mr Cow
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    I think the mods have a strict code of instant lock a thread that mentions voldemort
    Also some mods like locking threads
  • DailyTrader
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    Exactly what is happening right now.
  • Florianr104
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    inb4 lock
  • murazor
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    inb4 lock

  • MomoLove
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    it's only one mod. he gave me a warning when i wrote to someone " git gud " lol
  • mHazard
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    Mods definitely should edit posts, and write a note about editing, rather than just closing the threads.
  • THJ71
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    inb4 lock

    I know it will get locked but I have a valid point
  • PVFCB97xD
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    murazor wrote: »
    inb4 lock

  • RadioShaq
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    People could always just follow the rules. Its usually the same people too.
  • Dasco
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    To clarify, if a thread has one offending post & the rest of the thread is fine, a lock is very unlikely to be required unless the original topic isn't permitted on the forum/section. Typically speaking, the offending post should be amended/deleting & the user warned/PM'd or a brief post left on the thread.

    I can't offer a factual reason for each individual thread as A/ I didn't close them & B/ I'm unsure which specific threads we're referring to without links.

    Going back to the Aguero thread you mention, I'm going to guess "handicap" is the post someone made. I'd say closing that based on that alone would be harsh unless there's other contributing factors, such as a non-constructive thread. Again it's hard for me give you precise information as I'm not looking at the thread and purely from your POV [point of view].

    My advice would be to contact the moderator directly or failing that, either PM me & I'll take a look at it when I can. Failing that, you can contact Paul who is in charge of overall moderation.

    You are right though that I will indeed be locking this. While you can always PM a moderator regarding a decision you feel is wrong, it shouldn't be discussed publicly.

    Feel free to PM me as mentioned above. This applies to anyone else outside of the OP too as I'm happy to pass on feedback. [constructive feedback!]
  • Marleigh
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    THJ71 wrote: »
    Surely all the action required on that thread was to simply remove the post that mentioned the forbidden word, edit, or just remove that line, and message the culprit if needs be

    The OP was the one who brought handicapping into the discussion in his opening post, deleting his original post would have deleted the thread.

    Deleting the other posts discussing handicap would have meant deleting around a third of the thread, then there were a couple of troll comments... Most of the thread would have gone, in that instance I'm not going to waste time trimming down a thread because someone is incapable of reading and/or following the forum rules.
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