Why do people play like this?



  • Advait
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    Remzy mate don't even bother... These kind of a$$holes come around all so often nowadays. Had this happen thrice in the past week. Except he switched to a 5 atb after equalizing. And the pausing man.. Gets on me nerves.
    I still tried to break through for a win since dropping points in D1 means no title. But it really puts my mood off for a while. Shameful, how kids would do anything to pick up points from a game
  • roovzy
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    At beginning of the match switching to counter attacking tactics against 5ATB users is a tip I just remembered from someone (I forget who) on Twitch. So I guess it pays to be good at stopping 5ATB users from scoring but you could change back to your usual tactics after you have a two goal lead?
  • Vinnie
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    Its hard to understand so far... but instead to wonder what someone else think, try to find a solution against this bs.

    anyways, there go my advice for you.

    Put your team on park the bus, controlling one of your ST, just call your GK, your opponent will try attack and prob loose the ball because he will get confuse, or your keeper will tackle the ball. At least 100% of the time I had to do it, worked as magic :)
  • FlyingPorkChop14
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    holdenwait wrote: »
    losers in real life, losers behind screens %100

    Um...it's 100%
  • Kove
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    I would find it so boring to play like that, there is no variety or plan b. That being said after a few games of undeserved results I can why that would appeal, it is repetitive, so once you can do it it means your opponent has to be on point all game
  • roovzy
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    Would including the opponents stats when showing his squad help in determining the opponent's likely tendancies in the game?

    Over time the visibility of stats could make it more likely players will formulate strategies to be able to compete or at least be able to acknowledge a likely pattern of play based on stats they recognise.

    Teams know Barcelona will have a lot of possession with lots of passing etc. Those teams create strategies to try to compete and UT could allow us to decide on an appropriate strategy before kick off by showing the opponents stats.
  • Springveldt
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    Remzy69 wrote: »
    Denisianes wrote: »
    For many people winning means more than anything else. I have met those players and sometimes they do get the win after wasting time and all, but when you turn them around and after that proceed to do the same and they RQ in the 90th min, it's a wonderfull feeling.
    How do you ever get the ball back? It was impossible to pressure his 5 defenders with 2 players :(
    I go ultra attacking, high pressure, team pressing or offside trap. Use 1 player to cut off the goalkeeper while team mate containing with the other.
    If that fails then just hold in triangle to bring the goalkeeper out, this always gets them to attack.
  • Viggo 007
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    I like to play against those kind of opponents the most, it's like a skill challenge, you should enjoy the competition imo.
  • Gromit
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    High rewards = win at all cost mentality.

    I rarely play seasons, I prefer the cup, you meet far less people like this.
  • M3$$1
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    Remzy69 wrote: »
    So I just faced a guy who played 5-2-3. I score the opening goal, guy switches to all out attack and manages to score 2 lucky crosses that bounced off my GK, watching the replays, pausing the game 3 times. Then he just keeps passing the ball around with his 5 defenders and GK and when I try to pressure him, he just shields the ball and passes it back to the GK. This was minute 50...... OMG, why would you be such a ❤️❤️❤️❤️? I quitted the game at minute 80, this is no fun man. I face these types of players more and more often. As soon as they get a lead, they start being a ❤️❤️❤️❤️, passing the ball around with their defenders and shielding at the corner for the rest of the game.
    So annoying, you guys have this too at times?

    Offline div 6 ultimate mode
    I lost first 2games(world class lvl)to computer already. Guess what they were doing. Cheap cross header, triple low ground cross and tap in. Started from 50ish mins play one touch passes to lm lb lcm non stop . Shielding the ball at side line or corner. All it doing was killing time from 50mins just like what you say in div1 game.
    I mean even div 6 computers are doing it exact same tactic lol
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