Rainbowz' Squad Review - Feat. IF Dybala, Messi & IF Insigne

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Hello and welcome to my first FIFA 16 squad review, and my first squad review in over a year. I took a long break from my weekly squad reviews, and that's still the case, but I'm enjoying FIFA 16, so I thought I'd bring you guys a review on my current team, with a few interesting players. Here is the team:
(Messi will most likely be replaced with Di Maria or IF Lamela when his loan expires)
I have played 7 games with this team, winning 7

For those of you who have never read one of my reviews, I use a graphical rating system, which will rate the players out of 10, with 10/10 being perfect. I will also show the goals and assists for the outfield players, and clean sheets for the goalkeeper. Enjoy the review.

Handanovic Clean Sheets: 4

Probabaly one of the most popular goalkeepers in the game, there was only one choice for this team, and he hasn't disappointed. Where other keepers make weird errors and mistakes, Handanovic has remained solid. His reflexes and diving are very apparent, he's quick to react and can get to just about any shot. His handling is really good, despite it being under 80. I never really noticed anything bad about his kicking or speed, and his positioning is very good, he's always in a good spot to make the save. You probably knew this, but he's probably the best NIF cheap keeper in the game, UP or NUP.

tl;dr: Probably the best keeper for any cheap squad.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngkBY7nCI.png 9/10

Buffarini Goals: 0 / Assists: 0
Buffarini is most people's choice for an Argentina RB (Zaba isn't doing much against pacey wingers), but I'd never used him, and he's how I expected him to be, pretty good. His pace is definitely a great plus, I never felt beaten for pace by any winger. His dribbling is okay, but I never really had a need to run with him much, he wouldn't be an amazing RWB. His defending is kinda average. He can make the one on one tackles well, but that's about it. His passing is okay too, but I never needed him to make crazy passes. His strength is fantastic though. He can dominate the likes of Sterling, Konoplyanka and co. off the ball. All in all, he's a good cheap option, but sometimes he just can't cut it.

tl;dr: Great pace and strength, tackling can be quite hit/miss
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngkBY7nCI.pngkBY7nCI.pngkBY7nCI.pngkBY7nCI.png 6/10

Miranda Goals: 0 / Assists: 0
To be honest, I'd have loved to get his UP card, but since that's going the way of the dodo, I'll stick with the ever-solid non-upgraded version. His pace really helps deal with fast attackers, and is noticeable in game. His defending is very solid, when jockeying, I manage to win the ball way more often than not, both on the slide and one on one. His strength is good, but I feel it's a weakness. Against some players, not even really strong ones, he struggled to use his strength, and sometimes it's a 50/50 in headers. Still, he's been a great CB so far, and I hope it continues.

tl;dr: Great pace, amazing tackler, but strength and aerial ability may cause issues.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngkBY7nCI.pngkBY7nCI.png 8/10

Castan Goals: 2 / Assists: 0
The 2nd of the Brazilian Serie A CB duo, Castan has been incredibly good, and compliments Miranda perfectly. His pace, like his partner's, is very good when dealing with pacey players. He's as solid in a tackle as Miranda too. If you know how to defend, he's hard to pass. His strength and aerial ability, however, set him apart from Miranda. I was surprised to find out he's smaller and has less jumping than Miranda, because he's amazing in the air. He feels much stronger too. Out of the two, I have to say I prefer Castan, but as a unit, they're like a brick wall.

tl;dr: Fast, great tackler and surprisingly good in the air. An amazing CB.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngkBY7nCI.png 9/10

Zuniga Goals: 0 / Assists: 1
I could've chosen a number of different LBs, but I chose Zuniga partially because I've never used him, and partially because of his 4* skills. His pace is one of his main assets, and he did feel incredibly fast. I dribbled a bit more with Zuniga, and he did feel really quite good on the ball, the skill moves definitely helped. Defensively though, he wasn't fantastic. His tackling was okay, nothing amazing, but not really bad, but he felt really weak, often losing the ball in bad areas. Zuniga would make a great LWB. As a LB, he's not bad, but not great either.

tl;dr: Great on the attack, very average defensively. Quite weak.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngkBY7nCI.pngkBY7nCI.pngkBY7nCI.pngkBY7nCI.pngkBY7nCI.png 5/10

Mancuello Goals: 1 / Assists: 3
I've used Mancuello since the start of the game, and knew I had to put him in this team. He may look out of place, but he fits in like a dream. His dribbling and 4* skills can catch a lot of people out. He can definitely cause the opposition a few problems of his own. His shooting is fantastic if he's in position, he's probably caused more corners than Dybala. Defensively, he's nothing incredible, but he can put in a tackle when he needs to. His passing is a complete dream. 80 on card doesn't do it justice. He's cut the opposition open and played beautiful passes to my attack, and has set up easily a quarter of my goals. He only costs around 500 coins, I can't find a reason to suggest not getting him. He's probably my favourite <5k player this year. Perfeciton in non-rare form.

tl;dr: Great dribbling, fantastic shooting and Pirlo-esque passing. For 500 coins. Perfect.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.png 10/10

Nainggolan Goals: 1 / Assists: 2
I was sick of everyone destroying me with this guy, and it turned out he fit perfectly in this team, so it was my turn to see what the hype was about, and I can see it's true. Nainggolan is everywhere. He has the pace to appear wherever you need him, and the stamina to keep going. Offensively, he's fast, great on the ball and has a decent shot. Defensively, he's not too strong, but his tackling is great. His passing was a slight let down, as some of his passes tended to go quite a bit off-course, but mostly, they were great. He reminds me of Ramires, but not as fast, but better all-round. An easy choice to pick, whatever team you're making.

tl;dr: Amazing all-round CM, appears everywhere. Passing falters sometimes though.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngkBY7nCI.png 9/10

Tevez Goals: 6 / Assists: 3
I've wanted to put Tevez into a team for a long time, and I finally found the team. Now I wish I used him earlier. He is phenomenal. His pace is amazing, especially in the midfield, he can quickly get away from nearly any opposition player. His dribbling is equally as fine, the only downer being his 3* skills, but even without those, he beats players with ease. His shooting feels like cheating. From distance, he can score without even trying. I've had a few 'hit and hopes' with Tevez and saw the ball flying into the top corner, he's unmatched. His passing is very good, but he doesn't need to play long through balls or anything. He's even strong on the ball, it takes a lot to get him off it. I don't like handing out too many 10/10 ratings, but I can't find a fault, maybe apart from the 3* skills, but that's just personal preference. The perfect CAM or CF for any team.

tl;dr: Amazing pace, dribbling, shooting and he's strong. And under 10k. It doesn't get any better than that.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.png 10/10

Messi Goals: 2 / Assists: 4
The best player in the world, but the best in FUT? I've had loan Messi in my club for a while, and getting an extension on that loan just made me want to use him more. So here he is. If you followed my reviews back in the FIFA 12 days, you'll know Messi was my 2nd favourite player on FUT ever (brownie points if anyone can comment my favourite), so how has he transitioned onto the right-wing? Pretty damn well. His pace is, as you'd expect, tremendous. People forget that Messi can be quite a 'sweaty' (I hate that word, but it's applicable) player on FIFA, and he shows it in-game, being able to power away from players with few problems.

His dribbling is amazing as well, the control he has on the ball mimics his real life abilities, the ball seems glued to his feet. I don't think I've used a player who was as nice to dribble and skill with as Messi. Everything just worked when he had the ball at his feet. His shooting is fantastic, in the box he is deadly. From range, he was a little disappointing, but still tested the keeper on more than a few occasions. His passing is on point, with his crossing being deadly, leaving keepers stranded and Dybala celebrating. His strength is really the only thing that lets him down. I didn't really feel his balance much, and it was sometimes a bit easy for my opponent's defence to dispossess Messi, considering who he is. Still, I've loved using Messi, and it'll be a huge shame once his loan is finished.

tl;dr: Amazing pace, insane dribbling ability, great shooting and pinpoint passing. Very weak and often easy to tackle, though.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngkBY7nCI.png 9/10

IF Dybala Goals: 10 / Assists: 1
Aside from Messi, the focal point of this team. I was a bit burned out on FIFA, and wanted a fun player to use. I asked around, the main response I got was Dybala. I went one step further and got the IF, and boy, am I glad I did. His pace is just indescribable, but I'll do my best. 88 feels more like 99 as he completely leaves defenders for dead. He just seems to turn on the afterburners once he gets clear. His dribbling is insane, similar to Messi's. The ball just doesn't leave his feet, and it can be incredibly hard to dispossess him.

His finishing inside the box is lethal, unlike any player I've used for a long time. If he's got the ball within 18 yards, it's a goal. No matter what, that ball is going in the net. His ranged shooting wasn't as great as I'd hoped, but he mainly operates inside the box, with deadly precision. His passing allows him to be used as part of a team well. Playing a 1-2 with Tevez before bursting into the box has resulted in many goals. Dybala is slightly let down by his strength, but he can still push his way past a CB and burst into the box. If he was stronger, he'd be the perfect player, and would probably be banned from online play. Despite his lack of strength, IF Dybala is easily the best striker I've used this year. If you can afford him, give him a go.

tl;dr: The complete poacher. Perfect pace and dribbling, and great shooting. Sometimes wish he was a little stronger though.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngkBY7nCI.png 9.5/10
(I can't show half a rating, just use your imagination)

IF Insigne Goals: 3 / Assists: 0
I thought about which version of Insigne to use. The TIF is a bit out of my price range, and the SIF didn't seem too much of a step up, so I went with the basic Insigne IF. Firstly, his pace is explosive, as you'd expect. His agility makes him so fun to run at defenders with, he just skips around tackles without much problem. His dribbling is so quick, you can get away from defenders without relying on skills, which is one of the disappointing aspects of Insigne. He really deserves 4* skills though, but I made do with 3. His shooting felt pretty average. He managed to get a few goals, but the keeper dealt with most of his attempts without too many problems.

His passing is really good. On the floor, he nearly always gets the ball to where it needs to be, and his through balls and crosses are extremely accurate too, which is essential for a winger. His strength is his biggest failing, however. Balance doesn't seem to matter too much in this game, unfortunately, and it shows. He can get taken out of the game so easily if an opponent manages to get any physical contact. However, that's the skill of using Insigne. If you're good at dribbling, you'll love him. If not, El Shaarawy just got a SIF, use him.

tl;dr: Explosively quick pace and dribbling, decent shooting and amazing passing. So, so weak though.
SNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngSNjlyLM.pngkBY7nCI.pngkBY7nCI.png 8/10

Team Overall
I loved using this team, it felt so solid defensively and offensively. The creative midfield worked wonders supplying the deadly and equally creative attack, and there wasn't a shortage of defensive power, with the CMs and full backs helping, but the CBs taking the mantle and keeping the threats out. Having a reliable keeper helped too. I haven't enjoyed using a team this much in a long time.

I invite you to try this team out yourself. If you have any suggestions for improvements, or if you want advice on modifications or how to play with the team, please leave a reply.

Well, that it for this review. Tell me if you enjoyed reading it, and if there's anything I can improve on (apart from the obvious). Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


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