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BPL squad

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Hi all. What do you thibk of this squad below? What other formation or defensive players might work? Thanks for the help!




  • Quinn87
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    Can see you getting rolled over with that midfield! .. KDB is brilliant at CAM, and I'd put Toure in for some defensive backup
  • Jaxite
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    Nice defense...
  • MaddMike3711
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    edited March 2016
    If you could afford him, IF Willian for IF Pedro. And maybe Terry instead of Zouma? I know Terry doesn't have a lot of pace, but he is a fantastic defender if you know how to use him.
  • in2lpnc
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    Hazarf and Aguero? Maybe Yaya.
  • Marleigh
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    I really dislike clichy at LB, he is incredibly weak, there are far better options, Baines/Azpi/Holebas have been my top 3 there

    The 2 CMs aren't suited to being CMs at all, Fernandinho, Ramsey, Barkley could all fill that roll better if you are looking for something other than the usual Toure/Ramires combo
  • big_man
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  • gia
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    3 CAMs with no midfielder that can defend :/
    And Sturridge is not what he used to be tbh.
  • Soly77
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    at the front no problem, you need toure Fernandinho Cm and KDB cam and Otamendi for Zouma and then you are set to bully the game :#
  • Bevan
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    I have a similar squad, BPL, Same formation and a few of the same players.

    I use,

    IF Forster
    Walker - Vertonghen - Koscielny - Baines
    Fabregas - De Bruyne CAM - Yaya
    Willian - Sturridge - SIF Cou

    Works really well for me, Very good attack, Balanced Midfield and Strong defence, Vertonghen and Kosc are unreal.
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