Only get away games

S P 4 C E Y
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For the last four weeks I've only been given away games - never even matched (never mind played!) someone at home.

Any reason why this would be?

inb4: terrible connection, yada yada


  • KingLionel10
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    Is your nat type moderate or strict by any chance?
  • Shaanxz
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    I play all my games away, doesn't bother me my internet is 150 down 50 up.
  • WFCBagnall
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    Reset your modem/router
  • BrentfordFC
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    Terrible connection
  • Tornadeau
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    With all your away games have you noticed your players not being able to settle the ball well? Tons of sloppy first touches? Even wth guys with 90+ ball control?

    Been getting a lot of away games lately and have had a very hard time with everyone settling passes. Looks like a bunch of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ middle schoolers on the pitch
  • pittphan
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    I am always the home team 60/60 connection and I get lag regularly
  • S P 4 C E Y
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    Terrible connection

    Thanks for your pointless input.

    I turned my Xbox off of standby mode because that was forcing the NAT to turn to strict every week. Perhaps it's gubbed again...

    Not been seeing much lag (one horrendous second half of delay/delag aside). Hitting the post plenty and an experiencing an infuriating inability to shoot with the first touch...
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