Need help finishing this team

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Options are:

1. De Gea, UP Smalling, Clyne,
2. Trapp,Thiago Silva, Aurier
3. UP Navas, Varane, UP Carvajal
4. Buffon, Chiellini, UP Florenzi



  • nopal_FC
    80 posts Park Captain
    Buffon is really good, chiellini is a beast but i´m not sure about Florenzi, didn´t feel to solid defensively when i tried
  • IKE_P_H
    1159 posts Professional
    I would go with 4! They are three beasts! Florenzi was awesome for me haha

    1 is also a good choice.

    Wouldn't go with 2 because silva is really small, and aurier is not as good as the other RBs
    3 is pretty much the same thing, but navas is the small one!
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