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Squads help please (pix)

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Hello all. I have a few squads I'm working to build and any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Have some spare coins and a few of the players already but not all. Thanks a ton in advancement let me know what you think.

Liverpool FC:


Serie A:


Liga Portugal:

Thanks again for any tips or thoughts  :)


  • SpacedoodLFC
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    LFC: no sure it will be worth it to buy two legends buy IF Sturbridge costs as much as Fowler and I can get a fresh card. Choosing to use wingers here for SIF Coutinho but that leaves the right where no open, stuck Sterling there since he shouldn't have ever left.

    BPL: would like to replace the Liverpool guys with better BPL players.

    Serie A: I just don't know about Pogba being so deep. I already own his NIF card and he disappears at CDM. Will probably use him as CAM instead of Hamsik. Looking forward to Insigne's upgrade. This squad is the most complete so far.

    Italia: wanted an excuse to buy IF Verratti and I would rather not spend on a Ligue 1 side yet. I figure if I so the Ser A squad right I'll have some good Italian players already.

    Liga NOS: likely won't need two tall strikers up top but I can afford these team the easiest and I would like a lower rated fun side to use.
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