Most OP MLS midfielders and DEF'ers

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Anyone good beside the usual players everyone picks on MLS sides?


  • Just_Unfair
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    I love olave as a cb, also Beckerman always seems to be a boss even though his stats suckp
  • DirtyDishFC
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    Ozzie Alonso at CDM next to Jermaine Jones. Max cost like 1800 coins and will dominate. Jones will likely need a sub after 75 minutes but maybe not. Bradley is a solid CM. Dax McCarty is non rare silver but he is pretty dang good.

    CB's Opara is OP. Roman Torres has like 96 strength so he is an ox and plays well for me but I forced myself to use him. Matt Besler is solid at CB, not strong but good at everything else. Omar Gonzalez is a Gold so he is cheapish (he moved so costs more now) and wins almost all aerial challenges.
  • heavymcd
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    Alonso is the CDM in the league in this game. And that's not just bias.

    Also a fan of Juninho, honestly, though that's not as clear. And Beckerman really is solid, as is Feilhaber.

  • Marcelo sarvas, melano, olave
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    Alonso is solid.
    Opara-Torres looks like an insane duo.
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