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So getting bored with my striker in a simple Series A team I decided to buy an affordable legend ST just to try out. I bought Donovon and spent more then I wanted to but it was very worth it. I can honestly say he's the best striker I've used this year.

I have used NIF Ibra /FIF Lewandowski/SIF Dybabla/NIF Tevez and even though Messi isn't a ST/CF I'd still prefer Donovon, he just felt smoother and his dribbling is unreal..

So far I have played 17 games in DIV4/3/2 and have 32 goals 4 assists. While he's been the only legend I've used this year I have to say it baffles me to think how good a Butragueno/Gullit or Pele must feel IG.

Well just wanted to post after using him
I feel he gets more discussion about not deserving a Legend card then his actual game play, which again is very fun. So if you haven't used him try him out if you have the 290k which is not that much considering other overpriced ST'ers


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