Is there a better target man than Ibra?



  • Lord Helton
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    Tif slimani - only 13k as well so frees up a lot of coins for other areas
  • MyRoomsMessi
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    Crespo is easily the best in what you're looking for. Height, power header trait, 90+ heading stats.
  • B16Lad
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    This could work as a cheaper option...
  • Cyklon
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    Dodds wrote: »
    I'm currently in two minds as to wether to put giggs into my team next to zlatan actually haha. Think that's what @P1stolpete187 is currently running so he can let you know how well it works

    Giggs is such a let down, I reviewed him in my thread if you wish to look.

    I thought that at first then I started using his immense crossing and wow, he's outstanding
    If you like early crossing there's nobody better, we are talking pin point, and combined with IF Candreva on the right IF Mandzu has a field day

    Gonna try Ibra myself soon once his IF drops more, paired with ADM on the right in place of Candreva
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