Everyone's club name defaults to "FUT FC"?

Joe Hartless
310 posts Sunday League Hero
Every opponent I face, their club name appears in the menus as "FUT FC" and their team name is the same. I can see their gamertag but that's it. In game the three-letter abbreviation on the top left is "FUT".

Does everybody have this?


  • Fleshgod
    872 posts An Exciting Prospect
    It's because either you asked for heightened security on your account or Microsoft has prevented you from messaging people due to innapropriate messages
  • TheDreamer
    3559 posts National Call-Up
    Sounds like you got banned for some inappropriate message you sent. :lol: Had it twice already this Fifa.
  • Joe Hartless
    310 posts Sunday League Hero
    Haven't sent a single message on my XB1 since I got it. Must be the security measures I have.
  • sweetmagee
    15 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I get that too - I've got my security settings set so that I don't have to listen to the person I'm playing screaming and shouting like a two year old during every match. Also means I don't get any messages which is a bonus.
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