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For this topic, I'm really going to rage here so expect it. Division 1 on PC is so terrible, too many cheaters trying to rack up some coins by winning every game with bronze squads. What annoys me is that, every game starts and they disconnect so they can get the win leaving you with a used contract every single time (which waste your coins) and you don't get the win so basically I'm wasting contracts and I'm not playing the game, my record on the Current Season stays the same. There are some bronze cheaters who score an own goal before disconnecting but that happens rarely. What's funny is that this issue was there in FIFA 15 and FIFA World. Not sure about 14 since I never played Ultimate Team on it, but it's possible it was on. It's been 3 years and this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ issue has not been fixed. I'm not getting wins for the cheaters disconnecting but my players lose fitness (-1, small but annoying in the long run) and I'm losing contracts forcing me to spend just to not progress. It's so hard to progress in Division 1. Somehow I've lost 2 games now due to disconnecting from the cheaters and the game thinking it's my fault. So pissed after the 2 disconnects registering as losses and that's why this thread is made. Seriously, FFS EA release a patch to disable this cheat. It's so hard to get a game in FIFA 16 and when you finally get one, you lose a contract each per match on your starting 11, cannot progress in the division and if there's lag, the game might register it as a loss on your end. SUCH B.S. za6ae.png
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    lol, so many cheaters online. I just scored a goal, didn't even get time to celebrate and the game kicked me out of FUT immediately and gave me the L, this after I just held my Division in Div 1. First game, scored a goal, immediate boot and I get the loss.
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