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Serie A squad help please (pics)

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Greetings FUT enthusiasts. I am working on my Serie A squad to back up my BPL which has been staight up beast-ing on everything thanks to your tips and advice. Thank you for helping to reinvigorate my FUT enjoyment.

Wondering what you experts might do with the players I have. Some targets out there still especially attackers and upgrades but this is what I have so far. I've been buying and reselling 86 Higuain but might keep the next fresh card. Buying 82 Dybala in a couple weeks because I've loved him for several career modes but his price will come down. Again any assistance is greatly appreciated. Formation can be adjusted based on personnel.

Pereyra and Morata were my two favorite players for months but pulled the plug on them when I couldn't pass anymore. Pererya is still dominant on the ball but I feel there is a better strike option, especially if I'm using false 9.

I like to use the midfield when I can but gaining experience with wingers cutting in or fighting back from the goal line. Most of my goals still come up the middle via through pass or finesse pass. 30k coins right now with some players in mind, another defensive pair, better strikers, etc. Thanks again!


:) ty
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